Why Choose Us

Who We Are

Kerglad is a strategic management consultancy that operates in CIS, Africa, MENA, and Asia.

We operate since 2018 and have a track record of successfully solving complex problems across the regions where we operate.

We believe that each market is a unique eco system, where finding the right place requires integrating with local partners and authorities and finding unique value that your enterprise brings. This allows us to create complex strategies that tie in multiple markets that are connected politically and economically.

This also allows us to manage conflicts and minimise political risks.

Why Us

We are an international team that specialises in business development, government relations, conflict mitigation, communications and management consultancy for large enterprises.

We take an active stake in developing our clients’ business using a large network of global contacts, that allows us to quickly find solutions to complex business problems.

We priorities tech, financial and industrial sectors.